Annual Cannstatter Schlachtfest


Join us in the dining room on Sunday, November 5 from 1:00 – 7:00 PM for our annual Cannstatter “Schlachtfest”.  For many, this event is a highlight as we serve old favorites such as Leberwurst, Blutwurst and Metzelsuppe.  If a traditional “Schlachtplatte” is not your thing, then you can certainly enjoy other dishes from our regular Sunday menu.

What is Schlachtfest?
In the rural German-speaking world a Schlachtfest is the ceremonial butchering of a pig which is celebrated by a feast in both private households and public inns.  Different regions in Germany have unique dishes and traditions to mark the event.

We encourage you to read the Danube Swabian Heritage website’s fascinating and detailed account describing the preparations for a Schlachtfest.  Regardless if you or your ancestors came from the Schwabenland, Pfalz, Hessen or elsewhere, the old traditions are very similar to this narrative.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!